Date/Time Difference Calculator

To calculate the difference between two dates and/or times of day,
enter a date and/or time into the two fields below
in almost any conventional date/time format.

Note for dates, m/d/y is correct, d/m/y is incorrect
Time format: hours:minute:seconds or hours:minutes
(ie. put a ':' between hrs, mins & secs)

This does not account for switching to/from
Daylight Savings Time within your specified date range (yet!)

Identical Dates:   Identical Times:
10/12/13 (m/d/y)
13.10.12 (if yr>12)
12 Oct 13
Oct 12 2013
Oct 12, 2013
2:03:00 AM
2:03 (no seconds)
Date and time are not both required in each field, but both fields are required.
Does not work with fractions of a second (at least not yet)

Earlier time:
Later time:
You must enter valid dates and/or times in both fields

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